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We are registered with FinCEN, the US department of Treasury, as an MSB. We operate in full compliance with all Federal and applicable state laws.

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We recommend using as your wallet provider, since we do not store any money or cryptocurrency for customers. Our site only exchanges cash for cryptocurrency, and vice versa.


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About Us

Bitcoin of America is a popular virtual currency exchange registered with the United States Department of Treasury. We operate directly with all digital currency users without intermediaries through a digital platform. With the help of our platform, you can facilitate buying and selling of digital currencies with ease. Bitcoin of America uses anti-money laundering monitor system and advanced technologies, which make transactions fast and easy. With us, you get the best rate in the market and all transactions over our platform are fast and safe.

Bitcoin of America has been in the cryptocurrency business for a long time and offers top-notch services to all customers. Apart from ensuring a fast and hassle free transaction, our customer support makes us the best in the industry. We have a dedicated customer support team available 24/7 to address all your queries and problems. Drop us a message, and we will instantly address all your technical or transaction related queries.

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Dear valued customer,
This is a warning with the intention to bring awareness to some of the digital currency-related scams you may come across. PLEASE read carefully! Do not send any crypto to third parties that claim they will send you anything in return, such as; EBAY, Facebook, Instagram, lottery. Be aware of phone calls claiming to be from a government entity; such as the Social Security Office or IRS. Be aware of romantic offers and elderly savings exploitation. Anyone hesitating to provide you with their full information for receiving bitcoin, or requesting you to conduct trades on their behalf are most likely attempting to scam you. It is important to remember digital currency transactions are irreversible, if you send digital currency to an untrusted wallet, that transaction cannot be reversed.